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10 Divorce Lawyer

Your Divorce Advisor Tips

10 Tips on Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

  • Get referrals from trusted friends and relatives, the local bar association, or other divorce lawyers. Ask several sources, and soon you'll start to hear the same names over and over again. Personal referrals are usually best; it's impossible to judge quality on advertising alone.
  • Know what style you'd like in a divorce lawyer: do you want a divorce lawyer who's mediation-friendly? Litigation-oriented? Experienced in dealing with child custody issues?
  • Come prepared with a list of questions to ask the divorce lawyer, and write down the answers.
  • Make sure the divorce lawyer you pick has plenty of experience with divorces, and is up-to-date on the most recent changes in the law.
  • Does your divorce lawyer listen to your questions and answer them thoughtfully? Does your divorce lawyer treat you with respect, and give you the opportunity to state your goals and priorities? How your divorce lawyer treats you in your initial consultation is a good indication of how your divorce lawyer will treat you in your case.
  • Is the fee affordable? Can you honor the fee agreement? If not, continue to shop around. Fee issues during the middle of your case will only increase your stress level during the divorce.
  • What is the divorce lawyer's policy on returning phone calls? Failure to return phone calls is the #1 complaint when dealing with divorce lawyers.
  • Does your divorce lawyer discuss the pros and cons of your decisions, and provide you with the information necessary to make good decisions? No matter how talented your divorce lawyer, he or she cannot substitute his or her judgment for your own. After all, it's your family, and your life.
  • Is your divorce lawyer easy to talk to, and do you think that he or she has time to devote to your case? If the divorce divorce lawyer is "too busy" to answer your questions, your case will likely take a back see to the "more important" clients.
  • Is your divorce lawyer familiar with the court in which you'll file your case? Does he or she have experience appearing before the judges who are likely to rule in your case? Knowing the personalities of the local judges is an important part of a divorce lawyer's ability to advise you as to what's best if you're going to be in court.
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